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On behalf of the organizing committee of the Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) 2023, we are pleased to invite your university to participate in the largest negotiation tournament in central Europe and one of the largest negotiation tournaments in the world. WNR participants are elite students from both North and South America, as well as Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. Only 12 teams will get the chance to take part in WNR and to represent their country at an international level.

​The high level of professionalism of this event co​uld not be achieved if it were not for the attendance of world-famous experts in negotiations. Over the years the tournament was graced by the presence of such personalities as: 

  • Prof. Joshua Weiss - Harvard University, negotiations advisor for the Pentagon and 44th President of the United States Barack Obama; 
  • Prof. Tim Cullen - Oxford University, a World Bank expert and one of the general negotiators in the Balkan Wars; 
  • Prof. Daniel Erdmann - General Manager and Founder of the World Mediation Organisation

The Warsaw Negotiation Round 2023 will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 21st to 23rd of April 2023. 

About the event

Warsaw Negotiation Round 2023 is the 14th edition of the international negotiation tournament, that year after year unites students of top law, economics and business schools from around the world. It is organized by a non-profit Students’ Scientific Association “Negotiator” at the leading business school in Poland – Warsaw School of Economics. As the event is one the largest negotiation tournaments on the globe, it is hosted in 5 of the most prestigious locations in the capital of Poland.

More information and materials

We would be honored if your students decide to accept our invitation and apply to join the community of WNR participants and possibly even winners!

To take part in the competition, a team of 2 or 3 people with at least 2 people from the same university has to fill in a Microsoft Forms survey with their details and motivation behind applying, as well as send us a letter of intent and CVs of every member of the team to the following email address:

From all of the applicants, only 12 of the best will be selected to participate so make sure to give your best! The enrollment process will be open from 1st to 22nd of January. After being selected as the finalists, the team is obliged to pay an entry fee equalled to 649 EUR. 

We would appreciate it if you could inform students who might be interested in participation using various media outlets (the newsletter, social media, direct messages). 

We also encourage you to follow WNR on Linkedin and Facebook, where you can keep an eye out for updates regarding the competition and most importantly - the enrollment process.

The application form is already open under this link: